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              Pro1 was founded in 2006,located in Xiamen Fujian. It is a technology enterprise for designing and producing plugs and universal sockets. Mainly products including different countries plugs and sockets,  intelligent sockets, universal travel adaptors, universal power strips, charger for consumer electronics, such as mobile phones.

             Wonpro products are in conformity  with the requirements of  IEC60884, CE, LVD, EMC and other safety regulations. They have been certified by various authoritative organizations, including CE, CCC, FCC, BSMI, GCC and other certificates, and also have passed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification.

             Working partnership with well-know universities as well as center of science and  technology, keeping   exploring and developing novel and unique products with high-added value, since its establishment, in      order to adjust market demand and better serve customer, it always follow the purpose of  ‘honest management and service’, built up the management concept of ‘market-oriented, customer-centric’, abide by the sprint of “practicality, integrity, struggle, innovation”, provide  the best service to customers.

            We hope everyone can feel our great effort and share the pleasure from our mutual friends